Discover Communication In Dog Training

"I didn't know it was possible."

​Learn to train your own dog. Learn the language of dogs and get results!

Any level, any breed.


Growing up in Germany, surrounded by love and healthy boundaries, I had the opportunity to experience how boundaries can create true freedom. Boundaries can help families grow, play and be understood so everyone has a voice and everyone gets heard. My gift is to meet people and dogs where they are at and support them to take their next step together.

Your Situation

You love your dog, but you may not always love the walks, the dog park or when a neighbor comes to the door.

I’ve seen it over and over. People are worried of what their dog will do when they are around other people, other dogs or in new situations.

The dog gets confused, afraid and defensive and then it growls, snaps or sometimes even worse. . . the endless barking.


Discover the “us” in Dog Training

Does it feel like you only have two options to train your dog? Sweetness,
love, and treats or traditional correction training? Maybe you like the treats option more because you really love your dog – but you just can’t get the results you want or need.

Maybe you like the structured traditional training – but you know your dog has a soul, a voice and something to say.



Working with Leanna changed our lives! Our sweet dog Sophie came to us with severe separation anxiety (we had to take her everywhere or hire a babysitter!) and an extreme inability to walk without pulling like crazy. After just a few sessions with Leanna, Sophie was walking right next to us and listening to commands. As I currently write this, Sophie is at home by herself. The training we did with Leanna allowed us to regain our freedom and form an even deeper bond with our furry angel.


Our Mission

For every dog owner to experience total freedom, love and connection with their dog, by reclaiming healthy authority.


Dogs live in the present in their body. What we do is teach and train dog owners to communicate in dog language. Our training goes beyond commands and teaches dog owners how to actually build a relationship they will love. We believe dogs want to please their owners. By combining praise and loving connection with healthy physical boundaries we take advantage of that desire and build a healthy relationship.

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